Arkansas Motorcycle Safety
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Total fee: $200

The MSF SBRC is a basic, entry-level, learn-to-ride scooter training and education course. Participants learn similar fundamental skills as in the MSF BRC, but the entire class uses scooters. The curriculum follows the basic template of the BRC.

Generally, a rider completing the SBRC should be able to demonstrate fundamental skills for scooter operation and control; demonstrate a knowledge of minimum safety considerations for operating a scooter legally on the street; acknowledge the importance of a low-risk and positive riding attitude; demonstrate safety habits that are shown to reduce risk; acknowledge personal capabilities and limitations as a scooter rider; and overall, acquire the basic knowledge and skills to be a safe, responsible rider.

It consists of both classroom and on-scooter instruction. There are 16 riding exercises, four hours of classroom instruction, and a knowledge and skill test. Total instructional time is approximately 15 hours. A participant SBRC completion card will be issued and an end of course evaluation form is included in each SBRC Rider Handbook. Note: The end of course evaluation may also be completed online.

Participant Requirements

Each student MUST provide and wear the following required safety gear during the experience:

  • D.O.T. approved helmet (loaners available)
  • Eye protection (glasses or face shield)
  • Full-fingered gloves
  • Long-sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Over-the-ankle boots (with low heels)
  • Long pants (jeans with no holes or tears, sturdy material recommended)
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