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The AMS Difference
Proudly located in Little Rock

Traffic-safety experts widely acknowledge the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's RiderCourses as the best instruction to motorcyclists anywhere in the world. If you're a beginning or former rider, the MSF Basic RiderCourse will put you on the road to safety, right from the start. Even if you're a veteran rider, the Experienced RiderCourse will fine-tune your skills. Over 2 million motorcyclists have graduated from a RiderCourse. Shouldn't you?

The goals of our Rider Education Program are to improve rider skills and safety through proper training, enhance the public image of motorcycling, and to promote Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Education Programs and motorcycle awareness through community service programs.

AMS is partnered with Can-Am to offer 3 wheel rider courses. To take advantage of this amazing deal you must sign up with through the Can-Am registration site! click here to get started.

hot news The most asked for program for after the Basic RiderCourse is here! Bike Bonding! With two different levels to choose. Basic Bike Bonding is for anyone just finishing the BRC who wants to ride OUR training motorcycle for practice. Ultimate Bike Bonding steps up the challenge by using YOUR motorcycle! Find out more about the BBBRC click here, the UBBRC click here.

hot news AMS now offers the Advanced RiderCourse! The ARC is a one-day course for experienced riders who desire to learn and practice more in-depth riding techniques. In the classroom the focus is on decision making, goals, and personal limits. Riding is fast paced and fun for all motorcycle types. Find out more about the ARC click here.

hot news The Returning Rider RiderCourse, students who register for the BRC-RR are expected to already possess basic motorcycle control skills. Riding is fast paced and fun for all motorcycle types. Find out more about the RRRC click here.

hot news AMS is now partnered with Street Eagle Motorcycle Rentals! Renting is a great way to experience the ride of a larger bike and determine what kind bike you may want after taking the RiderCourse. Some of the bikes available for rental are Harley-Davidson, BMW, Honda, and many others. Find out more: click here

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